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Scientific Reasons Why You Should Practice Yoga

“Yoga, an ancient but perfect science, deals with the evolution of humanity. This evolution includes all aspects of one’s being, from bodily health to self-realization.”- B.K.S. Iyengar

Yoga is an ancient healthcare system designed to treat and prevent us from the diseases. Yoga in recent times has become a popular source to be physically healthy and mentally fit. Yoga makes us feel good and with a regular practice, it slowly changes our life. Yoga practice has tangible benefits including physical, mental, and emotional, and this fact has been confirmed by the modern-day science. 

Yes, as per many scientific types of research, it is proven that yoga practice is actually great for us and is beneficial in treating many ailments, both mental and physical. There are many studies and researchers that prove that yoga decreases the chances of mental disorders that are associated with low GABA level. 

So here are some scientifically proven health benefits of practicing yoga.

1. Good For The Heart Health

Hypertension and heart problems are co-related and practicing yoga helps in reducing blood pressure that decreases the chances of heart attacks and stroke. Yoga relaxes the blood vessel and improves blood circulation. It helps to prevent and cure cardiovascular problems.  

2. Keeps The Mind Healthy

Yoga is one sought-after solution to almost every problem related to the brain. There are hundreds of researchers to prove that yoga therapy is useful in eliminating symptoms of anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and other disorders related to a low GABA level. It sharpens the brain, enhances cognitive functioning, increases blood flow to the brain, and improves mental performance. 

3. Reduces Stress

When it comes to stress, yoga is the best and natural way to reduce it. Yoga moderates stress hormones, cortisol, and calms the person. Cortisol keeps us alert in difficult situations, but an increased level disturbs the functioning of the body. 

4. Curbs Body Pain

Practicing yoga asanas regularly is good for the stance as it improves the body postures and alignments. A correct body posture reduces the chances of injury, eases body aches, and treats chronic pain- especially of the neck and lower back. It relaxes the sore muscles and slowly vanishes the pain. 

5. Controls The Blood Sugar Level

In a layman’s language, we can say when our body is unable to digest the sugar, it increases blood sugar level and we end-up having diabetes. But if a person can improve his/her digestion, then they can improve the blood sugar, and can prevent and control diabetes. Yoga practice for six months can bring a change in your body. 

6. Promotes Longevity

In many studies, it is proved that practicing yoga for 90 days reduces fatigue, weight, changes lifestyle, and removes the signs of aging. It also prevents many lifestyle-based ailments and practicing yoga regularly helps to increase the life-span and youth.
7. Balances Emotions

Yoga practice soothes the nervous system and makes us calm. It makes us become aware of our feeling that helps in balancing the emotions and prepares us to stand strong in difficult times. Heartbreak, emotional breakdown, traumatizing incidents, etc., contribute towards the emotional usability and can also lead to mental illnesses. 

8. Cures Addiction

Modernisation comes with many goods and bads, equally, where we are growing on the one hand, and on the other hand, our lifestyle choices are voiding us. Any kind of addiction due to a poor lifestyle and unawareness leads to self-destruction. But practicing yoga decreases the craving for substance, alcohol, or any other addictive drug. 

Others- Apart from this, it is also scientifically proven that yoga practice helps in reducing weight, promotes positive perception, reduces PMS, and boosts immunity. There are many studies that debate about yoga’s contribution to lowering the risk of cancer. However, the fact remains that practicing it definitely helps the patients to fight the ill-effects of this deadly disease. 

Yoga therapy automatically changes the lifestyle of the practitioners and there are hundreds of scientific researchers and studies that support this belief. Yoga is a blessing that has no limit and end. Practice it daily and as much as you can, for a meaningful and healthy life.

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