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Top 5 Foods to Eat Before Yoga

Yoga is a fabulous way to improve the body and mind condition. It is also one of the most popular and recommended activities that work for the betterment of the digestion. Digestion is an important part of the healthy functioning of a human body. It is important to fuel yourself, but in a limit, to avoid the problem of bloating, disrupted sugar level, and poor metabolism. It is said and advised that practicing yoga on empty stomach benefits a lot. But if you feel hungry and low on energy then you cannot perform yoga with whole concentration.

So keeping both the scenarios in mind, here are some food choices you can indulge in moderation before a yoga class to avoid hunger pangs and to feel energetic throughout the regimen. 

1. Fruits To Rely On 

Fruits are good for health and are the best choices to have before going for a workout. But there are selective fruits you can eat before yoga practice- bananas and avocados. Bananas are the best and cheap all year-around available fruits that fuel you up instantly and make an ideal pre-yoga snack. Whereas, avocados are good for your muscles and cells, are easy to digest, and help reduce cholesterol. You can have a banana vegan smoothie or almond butter and avocados smoothie or have it with sprouted toast. 

2. Almonds

Almonds are a great source of energy. Eat raw almonds before yoga practice to boost your body energy level. You can also eat overnight soaked almonds- they are good for your brain. Avoid eating salted, roasted almonds, and try eating the organic ones. Raw almond butter is also a great option to have with sprouted grain bread and butter also slows the release of blood sugar that takes place after eating a banana. 

3. Simple green smoothie

Smoothies are really tasty, filling and healthy, only when the right ingredients are blended in. It is easy-to-digest and an ideal choice to consume before the workout session. Almond milk, kale, banana, dates, chia, coconut water, etc., are some of the best smoothie-based ingredients. You can also focus on green veggies like celery, herbs, cucumber, kale, etc. 

4. Dried Fruits and Nuts Bar 

Another amazing pre-workout eatery option is dried fruits and nuts bar. Dried fruits boost body energy and make you feel full. You can have prunes, dates, raisins and dried berries. The combination of dried fruits and nuts is easy-to-digest as well. But remember to choose a bar with no added sugar and flavors. You can also make your own at home.
5. Oats

Another healthy food option to eat before your yoga class is ‘oatmeal’. Oats is one fantastic grain rich in fiber, light to digest, and easy on the stomach. Oatmeal makes digestion process easy. Magnesium in it helps in supporting energy level and Vitamin B provides neurological benefits. You can add variation to your oatmeal and cook in a healthy and different style. 

Other Food Choices- These are the best five food choices to eat before yoga. But apart from it, you can also have Quinoa salad, sprouts, vegan yogurt, green juice, and apples. 

Tips on eating before yoga class: 

The traditional method of practicing yoga happens on an empty stomach, which you can do if you are practicing it in the morning. But while going for the evening session or class, eating a light meal or food item 1-2 hours before is great. 

• Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Coconut water and fruit juice are the best options.
• Choose your food wisely and avoid eating packaged and processed food or snacks. 
• Eat slowly and mindfully- eat like a yogi. Eating slowly and mindfully help in taking a small portion of the food. 
• Avoid taking high sugar and acidic food content. Avoid caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. 

Our diet and food choice play an important role in maintaining a healthy and fit body. So choose wisely and eat carefully.  

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